Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Fight against coronavirus: Working on Labor Day

Russian NBC experts, who have been helping to fight coronavirus in Serbia since the beginning of April, marked the International Labor Day by disinfecting the Infectious Diseases Department of the Valjevo City Hospital.

- Although it is Labour Day today, we continue to work here in Valjevo. Unfortunately the virus has no rest days and neither do we - Sergeant Alexey Isupov said during his rest break.

This is the third visit of the Russian NBC unit members to the city, which was one of the coronavirus epidemic hotspots. It was difficult working in Valjevo due to the large number of patients in the hospital. Russian experts also disinfected the building for temporary accommodation of patients, after which a number of patients were moved to that building.

Today, joint CBRN units of the Serbian and Russian armed forces have continued to disinfect buildings and public areas in Kruševac and Doljevac.
 Two Russian medical teams in Niš continue to examine patients infected with Covid-19.

Russian military doctors also visited the cities of Nova Varoš, Priboj, Prijepolje, Sjenica, Bela Crkva and Kovin, where, after assessing the epidemiological situation, they made recommendations for the implementation of anti-epidemic measures in the medical institutions in those cities.

So far, Russian experts have carried out disinfection measures in 317 facilities in 30 cities in Serbia, and the total disinfected area in facilities and public spaces is close to one million and seven hundred thousand square meters.

Russian military doctors have examined and participated in the treatment of about 800 patients infected with Covid-19.