Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Minister Vulin: Healthcare professionals are heroes who take care of all of us in the most difficult times

As of today, the Military Healthcare Department of the Ministry of Defence is reinforced by 95 more members to whom the Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin and the Head of that Department, Brigadier General Uglješa Jovičić, M.D. handed over decisions on permanent employment.

- The Ministry of Defence invested in military healthcare even before the Covid epidemic. Last year, about 400 nurses, doctors and additional technical staff got permanent jobs in the military health care, and this year we will hire more than 130 people. These people have either been waiting for permanent employment for years or are our brand new colleagues who have just entered military health care. These people are heroes. They take care of each of us in the most difficult times. Every investment in them is an investment in the quality of life of each of us - said Minister Vulin handing over the decisions on permanent employment to the new members.

According to Minister Vulin, today is a great day for military healthcare. By getting permanent jobs, a large number of people solved their existence.

- The Ministry of Defence, the Serbian Armed Forces and the Supreme Commander of the Serbian Armed Forces have invested in military healthcare on time, which is why we have readily confronted the coronavirus issue and are able to fight it - Minister Vulin pointed out. Yet, he says, no healthcare in the world can withstand such a disease if everyone is not disciplined and does not follow the doctors' advice.

The Head of the Military Healthcare Department, Brigadier General Uglješa Jovičić, welcomed his newly appointed colleagues wishing them success in their future work.

- I can say that military healthcare will complete all the tasks related to the new situation. Our task is to treat both coronavirus patients and patients suffering from other diseases. Military healthcare is engaged in different task throughout the territory of the Republic of Serbia, from taking preventative measures, securing quarantines, to treating those who are not infected with the coronavirus.

The decision on permanent employment was also handed over to Jasmina Ivić, a specialist in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, who does not hide happiness for fulfilling her dream of becoming a part of the Military Medical Academy team, where she interned and completed her specialisation.

- I will do my best to justify the confidence entrusted to me and I hope to continue to follow the path of my professors, thanks to whom I am here today. I would like to take the opportunity to refer to the difficult situation in our country and to say that we, as doctors, and our entire medical staff in general, are always ready to respond in the most difficult times and to serve our citizens and our military - said Jasmina Ivić.

According to Vladislav Arsenović, a senior physiotherapist at the Military Medical Academy, permanent employment in military health care opens many doors. He says that, starting from today, he will move towards the realization of his long-standing plans with great confidence and certainty.

I started working here at the age of 20, and now, at the age of 31, I got a permanent job opportunity. I am very emotional and I want to share that with everyone who has been a part of this story. Given the difficult situation at the moment, we are already engaged in the sectors where we can help. As a healthcare professional, I want to send a message to everyone to be patient and listen to doctors’ advice, because that is the best solution and their experience will help us get out of this difficult situation - said Vladislav Arsenović.

The State Secretary Bojan Jocić and Colonel Miroslav Vukosavljević, the Head of the Military Medical Academy, also attended the ceremony of handing over the decisions on permanent employment to new employees.