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Day of the Finance Service marked

Day of the Finance Service marked
On the occasion of the Day of the Finance Service and marking the 75th anniversary of its establishment, State Secretary Bojan Jocić, has opened today, at the Guard Club at Topčider, a seminar of the finance service bodies, at which he congratulated the attendees on the importance and contribution of that service in reform and improving the defence system.
- The past period has seen multiple increase in appropriations for acquisition of arms and military equipment, infrastructure works, as well as for the increase in salaries and other employee benefits that is, overall improvement of the living standard and material position of all members of the defence system. None of this would be possible without you, as this service is the beginning and the end of every story. Unless everything passes through the financial service that needs to review everything that has to be done, unless that service gives proposal how to do something, of course, in accordance with the law and regulations, we cannot go any further – State Secretary Jocić said.
Colonel Milan Milunović, head of the Budget Department, spoke about the work of the service in the past year, the financing of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces in the current year and the budget proposal for 2020.
– We managed to secure the missing funds and to finance all priority tasks this year. Thanks to the amending budget and the allocation of funds from this amending, we received a 9% salary increase this year and ensured stability in financing until the end of the year - Colonel Milunović emphasised. He pointed out as significant orientations for further work that increased budgetary means for the army were adopted at the Government session and that the budget debate has been scheduled in the National Assembly.
The Day of the Finance Service is celebrated on 8th November, as a remembrance of the date when the Finance Department of the National Defense Commissariat was established in 1944, which became the main finance authority for the entire Yugoslav People's Liberation Army.  In this way, the Finance service was established as a separate one within the organisation of the military, for the first time.