Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Migrant reception centres ready for winter

Minister of Defence and the President of the Working Group for solving the problem of mixed migration flows, Aleksandar Vulin, has visited today the Krnjača asylum seekers accommodation centre. During the visit, Minister Vulin was introduced to the circumstances in the Centre, as well as the programs that are being conducted for asylum seekers in this centre, starting from workshops for acquiring new skills, through English classes, to educating children in our educational institutions, health care of the seekers, etc.  Speaking about the migrant crisis, Minister Vulin pointed out:
"Nearly 4,000 migrants are currently in the territory of the Republic of Serbia. The Government of the Republic of Serbia takes care of their safety and their health, and their everyday life. But it also takes care of the everyday life of our citizens and that the migrant crisis and its consequences in no way disturb our citizens and change our everyday lives. Even in more difficult days than this, the Government of the Republic of Serbia showed exceptional organization, citizens of the Republic of Serbia showed great solidarity and humane understanding of someone else's troubles."
Minister Vulin also mentioned the security aspect of the migrant crisis, as well as the importance of organized and systematic response to the crisis that the Republic of Serbia is applying.
"Our joint forces of the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of the Interior successfully prevent any illegal migration within our borders and do not allow them to enter the territory of the Republic of Serbia uncontrollably without proper documents or asylum applications.  The Commissariat for Refugees takes care of all these people and, together with the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the Working Group, receives praises from the whole world. I want to tell the citizens of Serbia that we will continue to behave in the same way, that the Commissariat prepared everything for the coming winter, and that all these people will be taken care of, but also in the controlled conditions of our system. When people are in controlled conditions then there are no problems, then nobody is on the street, then there is no crime, then there is no violence, then there is nothing of the things we do not want to see. That is how we worked, that is how we will continue to work", Vulin stressed.