Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Final Preparations of Tankmen for the International Military Games

The members of Serbian Armed Forces, who are to defend the colours of our country at the forthcoming International Military Games in the Russian Federation at the training field “Alabino” near Moscow, are conducting final preparations on Russian combat vehicles for the upcoming competition in the most attractive discipline of the games – “Tank Biathlon”.

The two weeks’ long “Tank Biathlon” starts on Saturday, with expected participation of 19 countries. The draw decided that our tankmen are going to drive their first race on Saturday when they will compete against the teams from the Russian Federation and Kirghizia.

Five tank crews of Serbian Armed Forces will intensively train until the beginning of the competition, and the leader of the tank team is Lieutenant Colonel Saša Todorov, assesses that the moral of our competitors is at an enviable level.

Apart from the participation in the “Tank Biathlon”, the team of Serbian Armed Forces will also participate in a discipline “Field Kitchen” headed by Lieutenant Colonel Miroslav Jovanović.