Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Medallions of the Ministry of Defence for the Members Who Excelled in Rescue Missions

 The Minister of Defence, Zoran Đorđević and the Chief of General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces, General Ljubiša Diković, received today in Small War Hall, six members of the Serbian Armed Forces and two frim Gendarmerie, who excelled in the previous few days in the actions to rescue two children near the state border to Bulgaria and a man from a burning boat in Lido in Zemun.
Handing over the medallions of the Ministry of Defence, Minister Đorđević emphasised that the members had yet again demonstrated that they were worthy of their uniforms since for them there had been no dilemma whether to help and to demonstrate once again to the citizens that they deserved their trust.
- There is no sufficiently good way to repay you, the only thing we can do is what sometimes is the most difficult, to fittingly and most cordially say thank you for your heroism – the Minister of Defence said and added that he was sure that they also were proud of their feat and that what they had within them no one could take away or pay and that was the greatest privilege.
Minister Đorđević reaffirmed that he had a personal desire to meet with the awarded and confer the recognitions to them in order to let them know how much he appreciated their feat.
-It is an honour to know you and be the Minister of Defence of the Armed Forces which have such members in its ranks.
The Chief of General Staff, General Ljubiša Diković joined in the congratulations and said that the awarded members honoured the Armed Forces and Police by proofing they were ready for good and brave deeds.
-We are happy to have such people who discharge their work honourably. The state expects us to perform our tasks the best way we can and there is a team of people who desire to do all to provide the best conditions for the members of the Armed Forces and Police – General Diković stated.
As a reminder, the members of the Joint Military and Police Forces, engaged in securing a part of the state border, found two children 16 and 9 years old from the village of Dragovit near Poganovo – the municipality of Dimitrovgrad, who lost their way taking cattle to grazing land, and took them to the Health Centre in Dimitrovgrad.
During the work of the members of the 1st Pontoneer Battalion of River Flotilla on installing a pontoon bridge over the Danube River to Lido beach in Zemun, the awarded members rescued a man from a burning boat – they swam to him and pulled him to the river bank where a doctor provided first aid.