Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Exhibition “49 Days of Hell over Belgrade” Was Opened

The skies broke from fire and metal, smoke and horror. This reminds us of the famous verse of Prevert’s “Barbara” – “…Under this rain of iron of fire of steel of blood…”. Everything roars from Air Defence activities, NATO Aviation, and the sky becomes a cluster of poisonous clouds. That was Belgrade in the spring of 1999, perceived by the eye piece of Tomislav Peternek, a great artist of photography, whose exhibition “49 Days of Hell over Belgrade” was opened in the Small Gallery of the Central Military Club of the Serbian Armed Forces.
The Exhibition presents the most significant events that marked the NATO aggression against our capital in 1999 – from the first bombs, targeting of the former Central Committee, RTS, General Staff and Ministry of Defence, to shooting down the “invisible” F117, shooting down other projectiles, to bombing of the oil refinery in Pančevo, and petrol tank near Hippodrome, shooting down F16, cruising missiles and other.
Opening the exhibition, Lieutenant Colonel Bilјana Pašić reminded that it was about the segments of fight and living, about the images of heroism of the people and military, which make us bow our heads and pay homage to those who did not survive that war.
Art historian Dušan Milovanović reminded of the fact that the aggression of the NATO Alliance against FRY absolutely trampled on international law, Geneva Convention temporarily suspended, opening a new hunting season for the citizens of Serbia and they were categorised as planetary pariahs.
The author Tomislav Peternek himself, took the opportunity to recollect that many in the world had seen the exhibition, including the audience of the towns from which the planes took off to attack us during that 1999.