Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Defence Minister pays unannounced visits to 204th Aviation Brigade and Military Academy

Immediately after landing at the Nikola Tesla airport and the return from the Russian Federation, where he met with officials of the CSTO and the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, Minister of Defence Zoran Đorđević paid unannounced visits to 204th Aviation Brigade and the Military Academy.
The minister and his associates visited the brigade command and on-call fighter aviation unit at the Batajnica airport.
In an interview with the duty pilots of fighter aircraft, Đorđević presented the priorities and plans for equipping and modernization of the Air Force and Air Defence of the Serbian Armed Forces. The minister particularly emphasized that arrival of six MiGs from the Russian Federation is soon to be expected.  Immediately upon delivery, the new aircraft, as well as the existing four MiGs, will be repaired and modernized at the Moma Stanojlović Aeronautical Institute. MiGs will be equipped with the most modern weapons, radars, optoelectronic systems and communication devices. Minister Đorđević and the pilots discussed the situation in the unit, further needs and plans for equipping and modernization, as well as the planned training of pilots.

After the Batajnica airport, the defence minister and his associates visited the Military Academy. In the restaurant of the Military Academy, Đorđević had lunch with female and male cadets, with whom he spoke about the conditions for education, living and working at the Military Academy. The Minister was particularly interested in the quality of the food and the food procurement plan for the restaurant.
Đorđević also visited the facilities where female and male cadets are accommodated, security service and the Administration building of the Military Academy. In conversation with the duty officers, female and male cadets, the defence minister got acquainted with the work of the duty service in that institution and stressed that the quality of duty service is one of the foundations of security in all facilities of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces.