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13 Feb 2017
The Serbian government has set up a working group headed by Defence Minister Zoran Đorđević to deal with normalisation of civilian air traffic over the Kosovo and Metohija province, including ...
13 Feb 2017
Competitions for the admission of students and cadets in Military Secondary Vocational School, Military Academy and MMA Faculty of Medicine, have been open from 13th February to 31st March 2017. We ...
12 Feb 2017
Immediately after landing at the Nikola Tesla airport and the return from the Russian Federation, where he met with officials of the CSTO and the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, ...
11 Feb 2017
Defence Minister Zoran Đorđevic is paying an official visit to the Russian Federation.  Today in Moscow, Đorđević has met with Valery Anatolyevich Semerikov, Acting Secretary General of the Collective ...
10 Feb 2017
The Defence Minister, once again, calls on the representatives of military trade unions to address social issues through joint discussions, within the framework of law and economic possibilities of ...