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20 Jul 2022
Regarding the manipulation and untruths that are still being spread with regard to the plane crash in Greece, involving an aircraft that had been transporting products made by the Serbian defence ...
18 Jul 2022
Regarding the numerous lies and fabrications that are being published with regard to the plane crash in Greece, involving the aircraft which had taken off from Niš and had been transporting products ...
14 Jun 2022
Today, at around 11.30 a.m., a small fire broke out in one of the offices in the Ministry of Defence building in Birčaninova Street, Belgrade. The fire did not spread and it was soon extinguished.
12 Jun 2022
It is difficult to remain silent regarding a series of fabrications about the Military Medical Academy that certain media spread without shame. We will not remain silent, because the military doctors and ...
29 Mar 2022
While undertaking a regular aerial reconnaissance mission in the UN Organization Stabilization Mission in the DR Congo (MONUSCO), a helicopter crashed in the east of that country, killing a member of ...