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05 Mar 2018
In the joint activity of the Military Security Agency, High Public Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade – Special Anti-corruption Division and Military Police, Lieutenant Colonel B.R., a doctor at the Military Medical Academy, was ...
05 Mar 2018
There is a joint anti-corruption action currently in progress at the Military Medical Academy. The activity involves the joint efforts of the Military Security Agency, High Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade – ...
25 Jan 2018
This evening at around 19.30 a smaller fire broke out on the fourth floor of the Military Medical Academy in the part of the MMA Polyclinic, more precisely the ward for functional diagnostics of ...
19 Jan 2018
Following the malicious interpretations of the information about the arrest of Aleksandar Radić, we hereby inform the public that on 27th December 2017, the Military Police caught the named person in ...
11 Jan 2018
The Military Police, in collaboration with the Military Security Agency of the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia, following the order of relevant Public ...