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25 Jan 2016
Defence Minister Bratislav Gasic received today the outgoing US Ambassador in Belgrade Michael Kirby in his farewell visit.
25 Jan 2016
The Plenary Assembly in Topcider barracks opened today the third session of the Joint Serbian-Angolan Committee for Cooperation in the field of defence. The opening of the session was attended by Co-president of ...
24 Jan 2016
Media Centre Odbrana traditionally, on the occasion of 24 January, Day of the institution, awarded journalism prize "Ivan Markovic" and chose the best athlete and sports team of the Serbian Armed Forces in ...
23 Jan 2016
To all members of Odbrana Media Centre, I congratulate on 24 January - Day of the Centre.
22 Jan 2016
Acting Assistant Minister for Human Resources Milos Jankovic and his associates visited the Centre of the Ministry of Defence for Local Government of Mladenovac which had recently been moved to a new ...