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12 Jan 2017
During the regular bilateral defence consultations in Belgrade, the Heads of Departments for International Military Cooperation of the Serbian Ministry of Defence and the Hellenic Ministry of ...
13 Dec 2016
The overall good relations between the two countries provide an additional opportunity and room for improvement and the creation of defence cooperation in the mutual interest, as Navy Captain Milan ...
02 Dec 2016
During the regular bilateral defence consultations between the Ministries of Defence of Serbia and Slovenia in Belgrade, Navy Captain Milan Konjikovac, Head of Department for International Military ...
28 Oct 2016
Regular bilateral defence consultations with representatives of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Germany were held in the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia on 27 October 2016. ...
28 Sep 2016
In the Department for International Military Cooperation, a meeting was held between Navy Captain Milan Konjikovac and Mohamed Bougamra, Ambassador of the Republic of Tunisia.