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20 Jul 2016
Members of the Serbian contingent, who carry out their tasks within the mandate of the UNIFIL multinational operation in Lebanon, celebrated Vidovdan (St. Vitus Day), in the Base Miguel de Cervantes ...
02 Jun 2016
Andja Grubisic, Head Nurse of the MMA Clinic for Haematology, was at work when we visited her. She greeted us with a pleasant, discreet smile and a hearty handshake, and then, with a steady pace, she ...
16 Maj 2016
- I have always been good at it, and, spontaneously, I decided to accept the challenge. In early November, at the first training, I easily did 500 pushups, to come to 1,000 in the next several ...
19 Feb 2016
Sacrifice that professional members of the United Nations (UN) personally pay, together with their families, in order to perform this honourable, highly responsible and often highly dangerous duty, ...
04 Feb 2016
Disorder of the heart rhythm could so far be examined by 24h monitoring of ECG, with the so-called "Holter" apparatus, which during this period could record any changes in the status of ...