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12 Feb 2019
In the Assembly of the City of Belgrade, for the 56th time in a row, the plaques, awarded by “Večernje Novosti”, were presented to individuals and organisations that had marked the year behind us by their heroic, ...
06 Jan 2019
Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin and Deputy Chief of General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces Major General Petar Cvetković attended today burning of the Yule log in front of the Saint Sava Church in ...
07 Nov 2017
Saving the life of an unfortunate woman, Sergeant First Class Ivan Ristić, Commander of a Rifle Platoon in the 11th Infantry Battalion of the First Brigade, did not flinch from a crazed attacker. ...
24 Aug 2017
The Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces have initiated a procedure for the continuous recruitment of professional soldiers in the commands, units and establishments of the Serbian Armed ...
16 Sep 2016
Among ten thousand runners who dared to be part of the traditional Nike city race on ten kilometres, this September there was Ivana Petrovic who, passing through the finish in 38 minutes and 17 seconds, won third place in the ...