Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

A Group of Smugglers with 63 Migrants Trapped near Nis

Joint military and police forces, in cooperation with the Security Information Agency, detected near Nis, last night around 10 am, four Serbian nationals F.M. (1988) from Gnjilane, A.S. (1997), E.A. (1976) and a minor S.R. (1999) from Presevo, who attempted to illegally smuggle 63 people in four passenger cars.
Among the illegal migrants there are 41 adults and 22 minors originating from Afghanistan, Syria and Pakistan.
Passenger cars Volvo S-40 from Belgrade, Opel Astra from Pancevo, Volkswagen Passat from Novi Sad and Reno Megan from Vranje had forged registration plates.
The three smugglers were held on48-hour detention orders, while the minor S.R. was released after the hearing.
From July 22 until today, the joint forces of the Serbian Armed Forces and the Ministry of Interior detected 5,641 migrants who were trying to illegally cross the state border; 4,888 of them gave up after spotting illegal crossing of the military and police members, while 753 of them were accommodated in reception centres.