Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Best wishes by the Defence Minister on the occasion of the Aviation Day

I extend to members of the aviation branch my best wishes on 2nd August – the Aviation Day.

On that day in 1893, it was provided by the Order of the King of Serbia Aleksandar Obrenovic I, that within each division of the Army of the Kingdom of Serbia be formed one air force company, and these were the first air force units in the Serbian Army. Traditionally, until 1941, that day was celebrated as the patron-saint day of all pilots and airmen.

Continuing and fostering a rich tradition of more than a century, you confirmed the value and prospects of development of the aviation branch. I am sure that the exchange of experiences, acquired by successful participation in international exercises and seminars will be of importance for the process of modification and modernization of the aviation branch of the Serbia Armed Forces to become a recognizable and reputable factor in the international security system.

Wishing you to continue to successfully accomplish the set tasks in the maintenance and enhancement of the operational capabilities, I congratulate you on your holiday.