Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Marking the anniversary of the death of Prince Mihailo Obrenovic

Deputy Minister for Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs Serbia, Milan Popovic, and a delegation of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces have laid laurel wreaths on the coffin of Prince Mihailo Obrenovic in the Cathedral Church in Belgrade today.

On the occasion of marking the 148th anniversary of the assassination of Prince Mihailo, a religious ceremony was held at the Cathedral Church, after which the wreaths were laid.

Organizer of the commemorative ceremony, the Serbian Government’s Committee for Preserving the Tradition of Serbian Liberation Wars.

Prince Mihailo Obrenovic, who ruled Serbia from 1839 to 1842 and from 1860 to 1868, was one of the most important medieval and early modern Serbian rulers whose reign was marked by the strengthening of the autonomy of the Pashaluk of Belgrade within the Ottoman Empire and the establishment of a number of significant institutions of culture, education and science.