Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Anniversary of perishing of the members of the Guards Brigade

By the laying of wreaths at the memorial to the members of the Guards Brigade of the Yugoslav Army and patients of the Clinical Centre "Dr Dragisa Misovic - Dedinje" killed during the NATO bombing in 1999, today was symbolically marked seventeen years of their perishing at 12:50 hours.

The delegation of the Serbian Armed Forces which has laid a wreath was led by the deputy commander of the Guard Colonel Zeljko Gavrilovic, and among other delegations there were representatives of the City of Belgrade, "Dr Dragisa Misovic” Clinical Hospital Centre, family members and friends of the victims.

"Dr Dragisa Mišović" Clinical Hospital Centre was bombed on 20 May 1999, 50 minutes after midnight. That night, seven soldiers and three patients were killed – Aleksandar Bajin, Goran Verezan, Predrag Ignjatovic, Branimir Krnjajic, Slavisa Veljkovic, Vojin Pejcinovic, Dragan Tankosic and patients of the Clinical Hospital Centre Branka Boskovic, Zora Brkic and Radosav Novakovic.