Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Corporal Srdjan Ristic ready for the Guinness

- I have always been good at it, and, spontaneously, I decided to accept the challenge. In early November, at the first training, I easily did 500 pushups, to come to 1,000 in the next several trainings. After that I increased the number by 100 to 120 push-ups a month, and in the last five weeks, I made this result on a weekly basis – explains Corporal Ristic, who raised his body from the ground 2,300 times at the practice last week, in an hour, which is 100 more than the current Guinness World Record, and just needs to be confirmed according to the rules of that organization.

He has been working in the Serbian Armed Forces since 2004. He started in Grosnica, in the 24th battalion for special operations, after which, in 2007, he moved to Kraljevo, and, after a short break, since 2009, he has been engaged in the Central Logistics Base.

The has been in for sports since high school, when he ran "middle distance" but his parents thought it was a waste of time and that we should "leave it" and devote himself to school. - However, I did not give up. I "worked" pushups for the first time in the fifth grade of elementary school, at the physical check. With 51 I easily set a school record. I realized that it goes smoothly for me, but I did not really pay attention.

A thought that he could try out in that event with the "whole world" began to occupy him in the last few years. - In November last year I made a decision and started to practice when I learned that the Guinness record is held by a British, that it is 2,220 pushups in one hour, and he achieved it in July last year.

The preparations started in the light of the knowledge that, in addition to strength, the most important thing is tactics. - I changed many of them, searching for the right one. I watched video of the actual recorder and realized that we had similar tactics. In fact, I work an average a little bit more up to 38 pushups in a minute. The method that suits me best is short series and then a short break. So 15 seconds of work and rest – I do 10 raises in 7 to 8 seconds, get on my knees, take the air, do another 9, and then rest, and I repeat the same in the second half minutes. It is a total of four series, which is 38 in 60 seconds. Compared to that plan, in the last training I did 20 more, so the result was 2.300, which is almost a record, which only needs to be confirmed by the rules of Guiness.

Propositions say that a specialty in a Guinness discipline can be verified in two ways. The first is expensive, costing at least six thousand euros. One should pay arrival of a special commission from London that establishes a new record on the spot and on the spur of the moment delivers a certificate about it. Another way is cheaper, and the Guinness record holder-to-be in the number of push-ups per hour decided to opt for it, almost with certainty.

- We will shoot the record achievement, according to the established rules. It costs about 600 euros, it is done from two angles, and after you provide them the proof, within one year you will receive a certificate that you are a Guinness record holder. This is exactly what the Gendarmerie Lieutenant Vinko Trivunovic from Novi Sad did, breaking the Guinness record in movements, when he did 5.820 of them in 24 hours, which is awaiting a certificate from London.

Corporal of the Serbian Armed Forces plans to break the record in June. He has sponsors who will help him and he also has great support from his martial arts club "Šumadija security", where he is training the jiu-jitsu skill.

- Three things are essential for progress – good training, led by Coach Cedomir Jovanovic, a police officer, then the optimal nutrition and recovery. I have great support at work, but also in the environment. The support from the Academy "Cojic" from Kragujevac which gives me the possibility to use the sauna and massage necessary for recovery after training is very important for me and Fitness Centre "Olympia" also helps me.

The record-breaking is what follows. This is the primary goal. And what is next? – I would like to activate and become a non-commissioned officer of the Serbian Armed Forces, but I am missing this course because I do not have the fourth year of the high school which I recently enrolled in part-time. If I take the differential exams, soon, if I have enough money for tuition, I could become a road traffic technician, which would open the door to my career advancement. Another significant goal is to promote the sport among young people and motivate them to live healthy. The message is –less time in front of the computer, and more hiking and spending time in nature.