Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Contingent of the Serbian Armed Forces seen off to UN mission in Cyprus

In the Nis barracks "Knjaz Mihailo" today, a ceremony was held on the occasion of seeing off the contingent of the Serbian Armed Forces in the UNFICYP mission in Cyprus. On that occasion, Army Commander Lieutenant General Milosav Simovic handed over the flag of the Republic of Serbia to Captain Bratislav Antic, a platoon leader who is sent to the peacekeeping mission, and on that occasion he told him to successfully command the entrusted platoon to representing the Serbian Armed Forces in the best possible way.

Welcoming the members of the contingent of the Serbian Armed Forces and the guests General Simovic stressed:

- You are setting off to a peacekeeping operation that is important for our state and the army. Since 2011, this multinational peacekeeping operation had nine rotations and they were all rated with excellent grades, along with recognition of the colleagues from international organizations and the United Nations. Your task is to responsibly and professionally perform all the assigned tasks, to be professional and dignified. I do not doubt that you, just like the previous generations, will successfully represent the Republic of Serbia and the Serbian Armed Forces.

UN multinational operation in the Republic of Cyprus (UNFICYP) was established on 4 March 1964 with the adoption of the UN Security Council Resolution 186. The Serbian Armed Forces participates in UNFICYP with one staff officer, two military observers, six members of the patrol and 37 members of infantry platoon within the Slovak-Hungarian contingent.