Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Prime Minister Vucic and Minister Djordjevic visit Lucani

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, Minister of Defence Zoran Djordjevic, Minister of Economy Zeljko Sertic and Head of the Sector for Emergency Situations Predrag Maric, accompanied by Assistant Minister of Defence for Material Resources Nenad Miloradovic, has visited today Lucani that has suffered extensive damage due to the flood wave that struck that municipality in recent days.

Visiting the households in Dljin village, Prime Minister Vucic pointed out that the state will help the affected households in the form of compensation, adding that the state provided money, but also that the assistance worth EUR 1.2 million was agreed with the European Union, of which EUR 700,000 will be set aside for appliances, furniture and agriculture.

- We, as a country, will directly handle housing and ancillary facilities, to help as much as possible. Commissions are already out on the ground – Prime Minister Vucic said expressing his satisfaction that the citizens, although they are in difficult position do not despair.

Vucic thanked the Serbian Armed Forces for being on the ground night and day helping people in difficult moments, stating that people who were affected by the floods are heroes because they have faith in themselves and the state that they will be able to rebuild what was destroyed.

According to him, the authorities monitor the situation in the field, and if necessary, the state of emergency will be introduced throughout the country, which will mean that all available forces, the army and police will be on the field and help the population.

- If the rainfall persists today by 9 pm, then I think that tonight we can expect the introduction of the state of emergency in the whole territory of Serbia – Prime Minister Vucic said, adding that the law prescribes precisely the cases in which an emergency is declared.

During the tour of the "Milan Blagojevic" defence plant in Lucani, Director Rados Milovanovic informed the Prime Minister and the ministers of the scale of flooding.

On this occasion, Prime Minister Vucic emphasized that he was proud that, despite the difficult situation due to flooding, gunpowder was delivered to clients from that factory yesterday, but also because of the efforts of the Serbian Armed Forces for the great effort and work on flood relief in the area.

- The army will stay here for a few days to make you feel safer – he said to the employees of the defence industry factory in Lucani.

Director Milovanovic pointed out that the entire production process of the factory is in operation, and yesterday, during the day, the order worth about 350 thousand euros was delivered to the customer.

- All the workers are in their workplaces and they work to the maximum, and only administrative buildings suffered damage, which will be repaired – Milovanovic said.