Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia


Following the incorrect information that appeared in public in connection with the alleged "dangerous radiation" of the bombed General Staff building in Belgrade, we emphasize that the measurement determined that there was no hazardous radiation, and that the natural background radiation was recorded.

The measurement of ionizing radiation in parts of the "A" General Staff building was conducted by the team from the composition of 246th CBRN Battalion, on 29th February this year. The control was realized in several places: in front of the building "A", at the entrance and on the ground floor, on the stairs between floors, on every floor and in every room (from the ground floor to the 8th floor).

Control was performed on the walls, the floor, a pile of rubble, power and water installations, places where elevators passed through, cash registers, boxes and other accessible locations. Control on these parts of the building determined the natural background radiation.