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New issue of "ODBRANA"

Military intelligence officer is primarily a patriot. Today he must be knowledgeable and an expert not only in the field of security and international relations, but he must have a general knowledge about the culture, customs and the efforts of other entities in the neighbourhood. He must be trained to recognize in the sea of ​​information that are now largely available the real threats and their holders, set priorities to separate the important from the unimportant and be honest in his behaviour and intentions, Brigadier General Slavoljub Dabic, Director of Military Intelligence Agency says in his interview to Odbrana.
How the MMA solves the problem of shortages of medicines and disposable medical supplies, how they take care of specific military medical personnel, what they did last year, what they will do this year and what are their plans, these are questions that we are opening in the coming 172nd year of existence of this institution. What is the life and work of the 310th anti-aircraft self-propelled rocket battalion in Kragujevac and what distinguishes the life story of Captain Damir Projovic and his wife Ivana – you can read it in the new issue of Odbrana.
INTERVIEW – Brigadier General Slavoljub Dabic, Director of Military Intelligence Agency: STEP AHEAD OF THREATS
IN FOCUS – Marking the Statehood Day: A LESSON FOR DESCENDANTS
THEME – Military Medical Academy in the public eye: TIME OF CHALLENGES
DEFENCE – 310th anti-aircraft self-propelled rocket battalion: GUARD OVER SUMADIJA
Brigadier General Zeljko Petrovic, Commander of the First Army Brigade: PEOPLE ARE WEALTH
SOCIETY – Spouses received doctoral thesis in the same week: SCIENCE IS THE FRUIT OF LOVE
What is the future of the oldest broadcasting medium: RADIO, NOT RADIO ... BUT TILL WHEN?
ARSENAL- Chinese self-propelled howitzer PLZ-05: RANGE FOR RESPECT
Four-barrel anti-aircraft gun M3: FROM SKY TO EARTH
WORLD – Challenges of the Bulgarian aviation: QUEST FOR THE FUTURE
The challenges of the world economy in 2016: RECESSION
CULTURE – Revealing of the memorial bust of King Alexander I Karadjordjevic: HOMAGE TO THE GREAT
Dr Vladimir Barovic, winner of the journalism prize "Ivan Markovic": PROFESSION INTERLACED WITH THE MILITARY
FEUILLETON– Nomocanon of Saint Sava (3): SAVA'S CREATOR
HISTORY – Fortifications in Serbia – Kladovo: FETISLAM
Female sniper in the Second World War: FATAL RUSSIAN WOMEN
SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT No 139 – Serbian literature in the First World War: POEM OF PAIN AND DEFIANCE
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