Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Meeting between SAF Chief of General Staff and KFOR Commander

Serbian Armed Forces Chief of General Staff, General Ljubiša Diković met today in Belgrade KFOR Commander, Major General Guglielmo Luigi Miglietta.

During the meeting, General Diković and Major General Miglietta discussed current political and security situation in Kosovo and Metohija and Ground Safety Zone, as well as so far and upcoming cooperation between Serbian Armed Forces and KFOR.

General Diković stated that the reached level of cooperation with KFOR is marked with the high level of trust and mutual understanding, the best example of which is more than 6000 joint activities conducted since Military Technical Agreement came into force.

Serbian Armed Forces Chief of General Staff pointed out that preserving security in the respective areas of responsibility astride ABL is a joint task of Serbian Armed Forces and KFOR, as well as that the international factor has a decisive influence on the political situation in Kosovo and Metohija and, therefore, has a great responsibility when it comes to the security of all the people living in this province, especially Serbian and other non-Albanian population. General Diković also stressed that due to KFOR’s authority and responsibilities resulting from the UN Security Council Resolution 1244 and Military Technical Agreement, Serbian Armed Forces see KFOR as the key force for preserving security and stability in Kosovo and Metohija, adding that any reduction in the number of KFOR forces would have a negative impact on security.

Reminding the present of the recent events in Kosovo and Metohija, General Diković pointed out that events representing a security threat should be called by their real name and characterized in a proper way, and that, at the same time, one should try to foresee the goals and potential consequences of actions of this kind.

Serbian Armed Forces Chief of General Staff stated that in the upcoming period Serbian Armed Forces plan to start with tasks related to monitoring of ABL from air using helicopters and UAVs primarily as a part of support to the realization of the joint activities of Serbian Armed Forces and KFOR, such as synchronized patrols and observation posts.