Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Memorial to Major Milan Tepic revealed

Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff General Ljubisa Dikovic revealed today the memorial to national hero Major Milan Tepic in the Logistics Department in "Topčider" barracks.

The revealing of the memorial was attended also by the Chief of the Logistics Department Brigadier General Zeljko Ninkovic, Head of Human Resources Department Brigadier General Stojan Konjikovac, Commander of the Central Logistics Base Brigadier General Peter Latkovic, Major Tepic’s family members and employees of the Logistics Department.

General Dikovic praised the gesture of the bearers of the tradition of the logistics units, because they did not forget the people who have marked a period of our history.

- In your facility you are raising a memorial plaque to the man who absolutely deserved it. Major Tepic with his heroic work confirmed that in all difficult moments of its history our country had people who were special, whether in the sphere of command and control, or in the field of immediate execution of tasks.
These were the heroes who did not hesitate to give their lives in order to execute the assigned task. Major Tepic put both the state and the assignment above his life, above his family, above all, and therefore this is a wonderful moment and a nice gesture, General Dikovic said.

Before the revealing of the memorial, Colonel Cedomir Dupor from the Logistics Directorate spoke about Major Tepic.