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Completed multinational operations

UN Mission Support in East Timore (UNMISET)

UN peace keeping operation in East Timore was established by the UN Security Council's Resolution No. 1246 on 11 June 1999. The set mandate and the mission were successfully completed on 20 May 2005.

The Ministry of Defense started participating in this mission on 26 June 2002 with three military observers. Till the completion of the mission, five MoD and SAF members had been engaged. This was MoD and SAF memebrs' first engagement in UN peace operations after the readmission into the UN Organization.


UN peace mission in Burundi (ONUB)

The UN peace mission in Burundi (ONUB) was established in line with the Vi and VII pillars of the UN SC Resolution no. 1545 adopted on 21 May 2004.
The Ministry of Defense started its participation on 11 September 2004 with two military observers, and ended it on 21 September 2006 with a total of three MoD members participating in the mission.

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The UN Operations in Chad and Central African Republic (MINURCAT)

The UN Security Council Resolution 1778 as of 25 September 2007 the peace mission in Chad was approved along with the peace mission in the Central African Republic as of 23 June 2009. The Serbian Armed Forces have participated in a total of three rotations so far where in the first two rotations the members of the SAF and MoD were part of the Norwegian contingent while they were deployed independently in the third as part of the UN I level field hospital.

The participation ended on 14 December 2010 with a total of 41 deployed members of MoD and SAF.