Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

The chronology of particpation in peace keeping operations

The first engagement of military observers coming from our country was during the Greco-Turkish war 1897-1899. Along with the troops from Great Britain, Russia, France, Italy and Austro-Hungarian Monarchy the peace keeping was performed by the Montenegrin officers. The Montenegrin division performed this task for two months.


UNEF I (1956-1967) is a UN mission on Mount Sinai. The SFRY Army had the largest contingent in this mission. An overall of 22 rotations were performed with 14.265 participating members of the Armed Forces of SFRYugoslavia. 
UNYOM (1963-1964) is a UN mission in Yemen. The SFRY Army participated with only one squadron.
UNIMOG (1988-1991) is a UN mission in Iraq and Iran. The SFRY Army participated with its military observers. The commander was Gen. Slavko Jovic. 
UNTAG (1989-1990) is a mission in Namibia. The SFRY Armed Forces participated with its observers.
UNAVEM (1989-1991) is a mission in Angola, with the SFRY Armed Forces having participated with observers.