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Members of Cypriot National Guard undergo training

As part of the Bilateral Military Cooperation Plan with the Republic of Cyprus, members of the Cypriot National Guard have come to Serbia to attend combat training with 155 mm B-52 M15 Nora self-propelled howitzers.
  The training was delivered by instructors from the Mixed Artillery Brigade, where this modern artillery system is in service. Over a period of two weeks, they taught the trainees the tactics for using the gun howitzer and taught them how to handle and fire this weapon in compliance with the required standards and norms.
The final activities, including gun emplacement, reconnaissance, target detection and acquisition, and preliminary and live firing of the self-propelled howitzers, were carried out at the Pasuljanske Livade range.
  The results of the artillery live firing were excellent, which testifies to the good quality of training provided for the Cypriot crews at the Mixed Artillery Brigade and proves that the training goal was achieved.
Today’s event at the Pasuljanske Livade range was attended by the Ambassador of Cyprus to the Republic of Serbia, H.E. Andreas Fotiou.
  The training of members of the National Guard of the Republic of Cyprus, whose arsenal includes Serbian “Noras”, is one of the numerous activities carried out as part of the bilateral military cooperation between Serbia and Cyprus aimed at strengthening mutual trust and building capability in the armed forces.
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The training