Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Chief of General Staff meets with KFOR Commander

The Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff, General Milan Mojsilović, met with KFOR Commander Major General Özkan Ulutaş today.
  At the meeting, they discussed the current security situation in Kosovo and Metohija, the cooperation and the effects of activities undertaken to monitor the situation on the ground and to prevent further deterioration of the security situation in the Province.
During the conversation, the two men expressed mutual commitment to preserving peace and stability and underscored the importance of maintaining contact at all levels between the Serbian Armed Forces and the international force in Kosovo and Metohija for successful preventive action.
  Describing the security situation in Kosovo and Metohija as unstable and sensitive and Priština’s unilateral provocations as a security threat, the Chief of the General Staff once again requested from the KFOR Commander to make sure that the international force in the Province acts professionally and impartially and promptly prevents any attempt to endanger the Serbian population.
General Ulutaş paid a visit to Kopaonik at the invitation of the Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff. Regular high-level meetings are held to improve mutual understanding and promote working together on a common goal to create a safe and secure environment.
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The meeting