Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Signal Brigade units undergo field training

Signal Brigade units are currently in mobile camp outside their peacetime bases, where they will spend several days doing collective training in carrying out specific tasks on SAF operations.
The training aims to improve the professional brigade members’ skills in planning and providing telecommunications and IT services to operational and strategic commands in all conditions.   

During the field training, Signal Brigade units are constantly on the move, practicing procedures for setting up mobile telecommunication stations, as well as the setup and maintenance of telecommunication and information equipment necessary for radio-relay, wired and radio communication. They are also practicing tactics on the march, as well as masking and providing covering force in the area of operations.
During the mobile camp, the functionality of telecommunication and information systems is being checked in real-world weather conditions and terrain, which, along with the competence of IT and telecommunications personnel, is of utmost importance for an effective command of SAF troops on operations.