Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Engineer training on the river

Stationary camp is underway on the Serbian Armed Forces’ provisional training ground on the Sava River near Šabac for military service volunteers (March 2024 intake) and the Engineer NCO Course participants. 
During the two-week training, soldiers and future NCOs are broadening the knowledge and skills they acquired at the Army Training Centre, where they are currently undergoing specialized training in preparation for their future branch-specific duties.

The training on the river includes setting up pontoon river crossings, communication surveillance, and negotiating river obstacles using standard and improvised engineering equipment. Training in the use of explosive ordnance in the execution of specialist engineering tasks on the waterways is ongoing as well. 

Stationary camp is one of the final segments of specialized training for soldiers who are performing their military service and trainees attending NCO courses. 
The soldiers will now face skills assessment, followed by collective training in SAF engineer units, where they will spend the rest of their military service. Future NCOs will continue attending the methodological, vocational training in preparation for their entry level duties.