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Minister Gašić attends celebration of 15th anniversary of MMA Medical Faculty

Minister of Defence Bratislav Gašić attended today a ceremony to mark the 15th anniversary of the MMA Medical Faculty held in the Military Medical Academy’s lecture theatre.
  In his address, Minister Gašić stressed that the advancement of military doctors’ education at the MMA Medical Faculty was extremely important for the future of military health care.
- The Ministry of Defence and I as the minister will provide unwavering, unconditional support for your commitment to education and health care, as well as for the development and advancement of your faculty and medical profession as a whole - said Minister Gašić, congratulating professors, cadets and staff on their anniversary.

The minister of defence said he was glad that one of his first activities since his appointment as minister of defence was attendance at the ceremony marking the important anniversary of the MMA Medical Faculty.
- This is not the first time we meet, nor my first encounter with your work. I am proud of the fact that in 2015, during my previous term as the head of this ministry, the first class of cadets were commissioned as medical officers of the Serbian Armed Forces. Military healthcare has a rich tradition in Serbia and a history spanning over almost two centuries. During the Balkan Wars, World War I and World War II, military medical personnel played a key role in providing medical treatment to soldiers and maintaining their combat readiness - emphasized Minister Gašić.
The Medical Faculty of the Military Medical Academy has a significant influence on the defence system of Serbia, he said, providing quality training to future military doctors and personnel, as well as superb health care for soldiers and civilians.
  - The Military Medical Academy plays an important role in the research and development of medical technology and procedures that are of crucial importance to the military. The Medical Faculty of the Military Medical Academy is a major institute that provides qualified medical personnel and advanced health services that are necessary for the defence of the Republic of Serbia - said the minister of defence. Since 2009, when the first class of cadets was enrolled, 73 doctors have graduated from the MMA Medical Faculty, 770 doctors have completed their medical residencies, and 221 cadets have completed integrated academic studies.
According to Minister Gašić, Serbian military doctors contribute greatly to Serbia's international reputation, through participation in peacekeeping operations around the world, where they are recognized as top experts.
  The dean of the MMA Medical Faculty, Professor Sonja Marjanović, MD, recalled that the first Military Medical School, established in 1922, offered courses for doctors and pharmacists who were doing their military service.

- The MMA Medical Faculty of the Defence University is now an equal member of the academic community of medical faculties. Thanks to the unreserved support of the Defence University and the structures within the Ministry of Defence, we are maintaining fruitful international and inter-university cooperation in the fields of education and research - said Marjanović and emphasized that young and high-quality people, eager for knowledge and science, are the bright future of health care in our country.
  On the occasion of the MMA Medical Faculty Day, Prof. Marjanović presented the faculty’s plaque to the Military Medical Academy as a token of appreciation for successful cooperation. Certificates of appreciation were also presented to the Military Academy, the Training Command, the Faculty of Medical Sciences - University of Kragujevac, as well as the Faculty of Medicine Foča - University of East Sarajevo.
The ceremony was attended by Minister of Education Slavica Đukić-Dejanović, State Secretary in the Ministry of Health Mirsad Đerlek, MD, members of the Ministry of Defence, Serbian Armed Forces, Ministry of Health, representatives of educational institutions and numerous guests.
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