Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Joint Tactical Exercise Whirlwind 2024

In accordance with the directive from the Supreme Commander of the Serbian Armed Forces and President of the Republic, Aleksandar Vučić, early this morning, the execution of the multi-domain joint live-fire tactical exercise “Whirlwind 2024” began on land, in the air and on inland waterways of the Republic of Serbia.
  The exercise lasts until April 21 and it will be one of the largest and most comprehensive exercises ever conducted by the Serbian Armed Forces in terms of the number and diversity of effectives involved.
The field forces of the Army and Air Force are participating in the exercise, which aims to improve the competence and ability of the commands and units to prepare for and carry out combat operations, organize joint action, cooperation and force protection, control the territory and provide logistics support to troops in the area of operation.
In accordance with the real-world scenario, the commands and units will carry out various tactical and fire missions pertaining to the planning and execution of crisis response operations.
Joint tactical exercises involving multiple services and, if necessary, other forces of the defence system, are an irreplaceable form of training in the Serbian Armed Forces. The execution of such exercises helps commands and units to acquire a high degree of proficiency in carrying out joint missions, which is crucial for the overall combat readiness of the Serbian Armed Forces.