Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Visit to Army units in Niš

Deputy Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff Lt. Gen. Želimir Glišović visited today the T-72M Tank Battalion and the BRDM-2M Armoured Reconnaissance Battalion in Niš.
During the visit, he inspected the living and working arrangements in these Army units and was briefed by the commanders on the situation, capabilities and completion of major tasks in their respective units.
In “Mija Stanimirović” barracks, he watched the battalion members train to use and perform maintenance work on T-72M tanks, their systems and assemblies, and in “Stevan Sinđelić” barracks, he observed the training of an armoured reconnaissance patrol using BRDM-2MS armoured reconnaissance vehicles.  

He was able to ascertain that the units’ essential equipment was in good working order, that the personnel was well-trained and motivated, and that the training was well planned and conducted at the highest standards. 
The Deputy Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff was accompanied on today’s tour of the Army units by Deputy Army Commander Major General Slađan Stamenković.