Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

New issue of “Odbrana“

The March issue of “Odbrana” features an interview with Major General Zoran Stojković, director of the Military Intelligence Agency, on the occasion of the 140th anniversary of the military intelligence service.
We have visited members of SAF units and filled the System section with articles about the 3rd Military Police Battalion, 333rd Air Force and Air Defence Engineer Battalion and the Požarevac-based Army Training Centre. This section also features an article describing the evaluation and certification of specialized skills acquired by the soldiers of the September 2023 intake. We have also sailed on the Danube aboard the Type 411 assault ship “Bečej”.

We have covered the training of second-year Military Academy cadets conducted in the 51st Ski Training Centre “Kopaonik”, during which the young trainees learned different skiing techniques and broadened their knowledge of three subjects - Topography, Engineer Corps and Weapons & Skill at Arms.

The Arsenal section features texts about three Army vehicles that have entered service with the Japanese Self-Defense Forces over the past two decades (Type 10 main battle tank, Type 16 manoeuvre combat vehicle and Type 19 self-propelled howitzer), and the famous Maxim machine gun thanks to which the Serbian army claimed glorious victories in the Balkan Wars and which our army used successfully at the beginning of the Great War.

In the Tradition section, readers can find an article on the exhibition marking the 220th anniversary of the First Serbian Uprising by Zoran Ivanović and Nebojša Đuranović, which was officially opened by the defence minister at the Central Military Club’s gallery in Belgrade.

This issue of “Odbrana” provides information about the advantages that members of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces will have after the signing of the protocol on cooperation with “Telekom Srbija”.  

The March issue features a special 16-page supplement presenting the Military Medical Academy – the biggest military health institution, which celebrates its 180th anniversary on March 2.