Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Special Forces Competition in Kuwait

Members of the 72nd Special Operations Brigade put in a notable performance at an international special military and police units competition, held in Kuwait between February 18 and 22.
The competition involved police anti-terrorism teams and tactical hostage rescue teams, as well as military special operations teams.

During the five-day competition, the teams competed in seven events featuring real world situations that special forces may find themselves in during counter-terrorism operations, demonstrating remarkable psychophysical endurance, excellent teamwork and mastery of tactical and firearms skills.
This is the first time the members of the Serbian Armed Forces have participated in a prestigious sporting event organized by the Kuwaiti police. In addition to being a sports competition and a display of skills, the competition aims to establish and improve the cooperation of elite police and military units and the exchange of ideas and experiences in countering terrorism and dealing with hostage situations.