Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

IT Service Day celebrated

Formal ceremonies were held today at the Communications and IT Department (J-6) of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff and its subordinate units to celebrate the Serbian Armed Forces’ IT Service Day and the Command Information Systems and IT Support Centre Day.  
  At the ceremonies, work results achieved by the members of the service in the past year were presented and awards and commendations were given to the most deserving individuals.

The summary of the achieved results highlighted the extent reached in the development, introduction and utilization of information and command-information systems and computer network services, as well as in the implementation of new solutions for system protection and information security in the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces.
The IT Service Day and the CIS and IT Support Centre Day commemorate February 21, 1963, when the 6th Department of the Yugoslav People’s Army General Staff was formed. On that day, computer technology was introduced in the military.