Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

72nd Special Operations Brigade’s combat teams undergo training

Regular training has been conducted for the combat teams of the 72nd Special Operations Brigade on different types of terrain and in different microclimates.
   The goal of the activity, which included tactical, rope-climbing and diving practice, live firing and survival in the wild, was for members of this SAF unit to maintain and improve their degree of training and combat readiness and to familiarize themselves with the terrain and explore the possibilities for undertaking special actions.

For the purpose of training, the combat teams landed from Air Force and Air Defence helicopters, and then carried out tactical and fire missions while navigating unfamiliar and rough terrain, sustaining themselves on food found in the wild.
  In accordance with specially designed scenarios, Special Forces practiced reconnaissance tactics in encounter battle, carrying out surprise raids, diversions, ambushes, evacuation airlift, as well as overcoming water obstacles and vertical obstacles on land. One part of the unit also practiced combat action on and under water, and the training activities that lasted several days ended with a live-fire tactical exercise using the modern weapons of the Special Forces and support assets.
Throughout the training process, the combat teams’ collective skills were tested and rated. The results confirm that the members of the 72nd Special Operations Brigade possess a high level of psychophysical fitness, excellent shooting and tactical skills, strong will, high morale and clear determination to be the main striking force of the Serbian Armed Forces in its efforts to preserve peace and freedom.