Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Soldiers doing military service perform first parachute jumps

Soldiers whose military service started in September 2023 and who are currently doing the second part of their military service in the 63rd Parachute Brigade, have successfully performed their first parachute jumps.
  This is the final segment of the soldiers’ basic parachute training, which includes familiarization jumps that allow soldiers to become acquainted with the parachutes and their manoeuvrability, jumps involving the deployment of a reserve parachute, as well as combat equipment jumps and night jumps.
The trainees jumped from Mi-17 helicopters in the area surrounding the Military Airfield “Sergeant-Pilot Mihajlo Petrović” in Niš, using assault parachutes that allow manoeuvring to avoid obstacles and land in the desired drop zone.
In order to qualify for this training segment, the soldiers first had to undergo individual training at the Training Command centres, followed by training conducted in the 63rd Parachute Brigade where the soldiers practiced special operations tactics and underwent firearms and ground parachute training. During that time, they acquired basic military knowledge, learned how to handle modern weapons and equipment and mastered parachute jumping techniques and emergency procedures.  
  Upon completion of parachute training, the soldiers earned the title of “paratrooper”, as well as the opportunity to become professional members of this elite SAF unit once they complete their military service, which majority of them is interested in.