Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Tactical training in Army reconnaissance units

Reconnaissance companies that are part of Army brigades and that have recently been equipped with new weapons and military equipment, are conducting intensive training in performing intelligence tasks on operations conducted by the Serbian Armed Forces.
  At the moment, the scouts are on the training grounds and exercise areas doing tactical training in conducting operations throughout the depth of enemy’s formations, using multi-purpose high-mobility combat and special vehicles.
In accordance with the tasks expected of reconnaissance units and specific training objectives, the scouts are being taught to perform a wide range of activities such as orientating themselves and navigating in unfamiliar terrain, performing reconnaissance by day and night and carrying out surprise raids and ambushes.
They are also being taught to operate new UAVs and multi-purpose observation devices, whose introduction has greatly improved the unit’s ability to gather and process intelligence.
  The combat ability of Army reconnaissance units has been significantly improved over the past year. In addition to intensive training conducted in these units, they are still being equipped with the best weapons and military equipment, so that they would be prepared to carry out their missions on a modern battlefield successfully and to provide reliable and timely intelligence to SAF forces.