Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

“Kobre” at Dubai SWAT Challenge

Members of the Special Purpose Military Police Detachment “Kobre” are taking part in the United Arab Emirates Swat Challenge between February 03 and 04, 2024.
  The competition hosted by the Dubai Police is a unique platform for demonstrating the skills of elite police units, exchanging ideas and promoting cooperation and mutual respect.
This year, 73 special police and military police teams are competing. Besides “Kobre”, the Gendarmerie and the Special Anti-Terrorist Unit of the Ministry of the Interior teams are also participating in the competition.
  The teams are competing in five events designed to test the limits of the competitors’ mental acuity and physical endurance.
The competition involves the execution of tactical assignments, shooting with different types of weapons, rescuing hostages and doing a specially designed obstacle course. Successful competitors must possess outstanding marksmanship skills, quick thinking, excellent team communication and great stress resistance.