Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Training conducted on River Flotilla ships

Professional soldiers who have recently taken up duties on the ships of the Serbian Armed Forces are currently undergoing additional training in River Flotilla units.
The purpose of the training, which is being conducted on the Danube near Novi Sad and Belgrade, is to teach crew members to perform additional duties in the ship’s combat station, besides their primary duties.

In line with their specialties, the soldiers are being trained on how to operate the ship’s navigation and information system, to communicate during joint sailing, to use the ship’s artillery weapons in combat, as well as to operate and perform maintenance on the devices and mechanisms in the engine room.   

This training stage is being conducted on the ships moored at the anchorage or while they are sailing. The next stage involves tactical exercises and firing practices, which will round off the training process for new duties.
The additional training for professional soldiers, which is regularly conducted in the River Flotilla, strengthens resilience, tenacity and general ability of this unit to carry out tasks in the operations conducted by the Serbian Armed Forces on inland waterways.