Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

New issue of “Odbrana”

A series of interesting texts await you in the February issue of “Odbrana”.

After an overview of the most important activities carried out in the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces during the past month, the STANDING POINT section features a story about the Fourth Army Brigade, whose primary tasks are to secure the administrative line with the Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija and to control the Ground Safety Zone. The same section contains a story about the best Army base, “Devojčka čuka, where the values of a good military collective are promoted.  
The SYSTEM section, which is normally packed with interesting articles, opens with a text about the 310th Engineer Battalion of the Third Army Brigade, which has more and more technologically advanced engineering machinery and equipment that facilitate the enhancement of its operational capabilities. This text is followed by a story about the patron saint’s day of the 72nd Special Operations Brigade, which has completed all assigned tasks over the past year and whose members have demonstrated a high degree of patriotism, skill, morale and professionalism.

The text that falls under the same theme is dedicated to the Military Technical Institute, as it celebrates its anniversary, where you can find information about a new technology for the production of maps, as well as a text about the Military Archive, an establishment of national importance responsible for keeping the archives in the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces.

The February issue of “Odbrana” presents the Mine Action Centre, a special organization of the Government of the Republic of Serbia responsible for humanitarian demining operations. This issue also features an account of the celebration of an important jubilee, the 145th anniversary of military press, inseparably linked to our magazine, which continues the tradition of “Ratnik” (Warrior), a military magazine established in 1879.

At the end, the HISTORY section features a text by research associate Marijana Mraović about the Wartime Press Bureau of the Royal Serbian Army in the First World War, which was “a bulwark against enemy propaganda”.

The February issue of “Odbrana”, a magazine that is read and kept, features a SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT on the enrolment in military schools.