Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Soldier training in Army specialties

Soldiers whose military service started in December 2023, are doing training for the infantry, artillery and armoured specialties at the Army Training Centre in Požarevac.
Upon completion of basic training, the soldiers were assigned to this unit to receive MOS specific training in order to be able to perform specific military duties for which they were recruited.
  The focus is on teaching them how to use branch-specific weapons in combat and on the practice of offensive and defensive tactical actions. The training is being conducted in specially equipped labs and on the training ground of the Pavle Jurišić Šturm Barracks, where the soldiers have excellent conditions for acquiring skills in using combat means, manning them and performing basic maintenance on them.
What awaits the soldiers in the near future is more complex training content in the field, as well as scheduled firing practices with branch-specific weapons. Following this, their ability to perform military tasks will be tested, which will mark the end of the specialized training phase.
  The soldiers will spend the last three months of their military service in Army units doing collective training, and being actively involved in performing daily assignments. Those who wish to join the ranks of professional members of the Serbian Armed Forces can apply right away.