Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Intensive Training for Tank Units of Serbian Armed Forces

Training grounds and exercise areas of the Serbian Armed Forces are venues of intensive cycle of training for members of Tank Battalion T-72M during which they practise performing armoured and anti-armoured actions as part of operations of the Army.

The training is carried out to maintain and enhance the competence of tank crews for the elimination of enemy armoured vehicles, live power and other combat assets, while implementing tactical principles for the use of armoured units in conditions that characterise modern theatres of war.

The training includes firing from tank weapons, and the crews primarily practise the procedures performed in combat actions when faced with the enemy, integrating firing and tactical actions of all crew members. Considerable attention is paid to the training in appropriate maintenance and use of all tank subsystems.

The members of the unit are to perform numerous firings and tactical exercises in order to further enhance their competence for maximal usage of the capabilities of tanks T-72MS, which, owing to a great mobility, fire power and armoured protection, are capable of performing swift, bold, sudden and powerful combat actions on different terrain, weather and combat conditions.

Conducting a wide spectrum of exercise activities and practical training, that are intensively carried out in the unit, ensures a high level of combat readiness of the tank battalion to perform assigned missions and tasks, both independently and in synergy with other units of the Serbian Armed Forces.