Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

SAF mechanized units undergo training

Professional members of the 3rd Army Brigade’s mechanized units are currently undergoing regular training in carrying out the Serbian Armed Forces’ first mission tasks. 
  The training, which is being conducted in peacetime locations and on the training grounds, aims to provide additional training to soldiers and young leaders, who have recently been admitted to the units, and to increase the level of general combat readiness.
During the training, the M-80A infantry fighting vehicles are being used. Their efficiency in conducting the combat tasks of mechanized units has been confirmed during their utilization in the Serbian Armed Forces on all types of ground and in all weather conditions.
  The training programme includes all segments of practical training, from preparation for task execution, camouflage, tactical actions on the battlefield and firing at targets on the ground and in the air, to the maintenance of all the fighting vehicle’s subsystems.
What lies ahead for the members of mechanized units is tactical exercises and live fire drills, where the results of this training cycle will be assessed.
  Professional members’ training is one of the principal tasks of the Serbian Armed Forces units that is carried out throughout the year in order to maintain and improve the personnel’s competence for carrying out tasks, as well as their preparedness to conduct operations, in accordance with their purpose and assigned missions and tasks.