Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia


After every successful exercise or display of the Serbian Armed Forces’ capabilities, a presentation of a new combat system or infrastructure project, after every announcement of measures taken to improve the living standards or, as is the case now – an open competition for admission of candidates to the Army units and Special Forces - the representatives of the Military Union are trying to diminish the success, lessen the merit, accuse, slander and make every effort to harm the defence system.
Working for the Serbian Armed Forces, their "announcement" says, "is an honour and a privilege of those who possess an above-average ability to meet the eligibility criteria, who possess high moral qualities and are true patriots". And that is the only thing stated in their announcement we agree with.
Assuming that the authors of the said statement attribute an adequate level of moral and patriotic qualities only to themselves, how then do we explain their ridiculing all efforts to recruit new staff for the Serbian Armed Forces, especially given that they themselves keep repeating that the military lacks manpower? The only logical explanation is that they are trying to dissuade new, young people from joining the Serbian Armed Forces, even if it contradicts everything they have said so far. And what are their motives for doing so?

According to the leaders of the Military Union, who have been politically active for several years now, the Serbian Armed Forces "will be dismantled any day now” or will at least be reduced to a “volunteer fire brigade” level. But miraculously, we are witnessing a different reality. The military is being armed and equipped, salaries are increasing, and by constantly improving the financial position of the personnel, the defence system is trying to compete for quality staff on the labour market. What makes that task even more difficult is the sad fact that certain people who wear the uniform or once did, are doing everything they can to thwart our efforts.