Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Engineer units’ training

Members of the Third Army Brigade’s engineer battalion are undergoing intensive training at the “Ratko Pavlović Ćićko“ barracks and training areas in the vicinity of Prokuplje.
The training is designed for engineers specializing in road construction, and the emphasis is on providing additional training to soldiers, NCOs and officers, who have recently been assigned to this unit. 

The training program focuses on the practical use of engineer units in negotiating and removing obstacles in the field, building covers and shelters, construction, reconstruction and maintenance of roads. The trainees use modern engineering machinery, which ensures, in addition to improved user safety, much faster and more purposeful training, as well as better quality road sections.  
Continuous training, conducted by Army engineer units in cycles throughout the year, ensures a high degree of skill in professional members of engineer corps, which is a vital prerequisite for efficient execution of specific tasks in SAF operations.