Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Soldiers undergo specialized field training

The soldiers of the September 2022 intake, who are doing artillery training at the Army Training Centre, have done stationary camp at the "Pasuljanske Livade" military complex. 
  This form of practical training in the field aims to train soldiers to use artillery weapons in combat and acquire knowledge and skills needed to respond swiftly and adequately when undertaking tactical actions and carrying out defensive and offensive fire missions.

The emphasis was on doing firing practices and performing test firings and live-fire demonstrations using the 122mm "Gvozdika" 2S1 self-propelled howitzer. The purpose of this was to assess the effectiveness of training and it was an opportunity for soldiers to test the combat ability and firepower of this artillery weapon. The soldiers scored excellent and very good results which indicate that they had previously learned the entire training content and demonstrated motivation and readiness during the firing practice.
Upon their return from the field, they will do the final part of their individual specialized training and undergo evaluation which will test their competence for performing the duties as part of artillery system crews. Finally, they will be transferred to Army artillery units to do collective training.